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MB Comaptibilities

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Looking for some help on my ongoing problem of jaggies when playing games at 1024/768 32 bit.


My P4B533 Asus MB suppoprts DDR2100...but I slapped in 512 DDR2700,

would this make any difference other than the system would just not utilize the full capacity of RAM?


Drivers are new, OS is been reloaded, hardware has been swapped out and double checked....my IDE drive is a plextor CDRW/DVD combo, maybe I'm suffering on read speed, but I can't see how?


I'm playing dungeon siege now...and the more detail that I'm coming across, the more the screen is sticking for a split second...I hate this, nnow that I'm so aware of it. Going down to 800/600 just makes me feel like the PC won.


Thanks if anyone has any ideas..



Aluminum chenning case...450 enermax

P4 2.26 533...Alpha HS

Asus P4B533 MB

Samsung PC2700 512k

GeForce 4Ti4600

Seagate 80gig (master)

Plextor CDRW/DVD (slave)

22' NEC

4 tornado fans

On board sound

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Yeah...I think I'm running best quality, not sure if that's the same as best performance.


Do I need to give my CD drive and hard drive their own IDE channel?


I have also had the problem with RTCW and red faction.



Does anyone know how to overclock the APG card in the P4B533 award bios?


I have the CPU core voltage maxed...it'sd aperture size is 128...like my card. But the frequency rating is defaulted to some crazy number sequence like-22.222.39 or something. I could manually raise it up, but what will it do?

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