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I've decided it might be time to upgrade as you can see in these pictures.... It's a new definition of GHETTO.




System Specs:

Phenom II X4 940 at 3.7GHz 1.42v

HD 4870

640GB WD


OCZ 700W GameXStream PSU


So I'm looking for a decent Mid-Tower case for under $50 with decent airflow (preferably a side vent and cpu vent) that has room for two HD 4870's. Fans are optional as I will can just buy some 120s/80s if needed. I don't need anything flashy, just something that gets the job done. Thx in advance and feel free to ridicule my case and my poor wire management :glare:


Edit: both fans in this case are blowing towards the front of the case.

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rofl I see it after looking closer.


You might want to check out some oc the CM Centurion cases.








or theres this Antec which has free shipping which should cut the cost considerably



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