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Computer Shuts Off After 3 Seconds

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Hey all, long time!


So i was doing my thing last night, when my computer suddenly shut off. So i instantly cleared the cmos and tried to boot, but nada. It starts for about 3 seconds then shuts off. Sometimes it stays on but nothing happens, no bios post, nothing. So i took everything out, leaving just the ram and tried starting but same thing. Then i tried without the ram, same thing.


So then i decided to take the mobo out and put it on a box and start it outside the case just in case it was shorting. Still turned on for about 3 seconds then automatically powers off. So i tried a different PSU cause i thought that was what the problem was. On one it stayed on but no bios post, then i tried another PSU and it turned off after 3 seconds.


So now i'm left scratching my head over it. I'm not sure if it's the cpu or motherboard. I reseated the cpu and still same problem. So i just rebuilt it all and sometimes it stays on for 3 seconds, sometimes it will just keep going but no bios post and nothing on the screen. I don't have another AM2 mobo laying around to test, nor do i have another processor. Is there any way i can determine what is at fault without testing on other hardware?


Oh, and i removed all the case cables, fans etc when it was out of the case, just in case. So literally all i had was a mobo on a box with a psu and ram. Just to eliminate any shorting isses, and i got rid of all the dust bunnies.


My specs:

AMD 5600+ AM2

Asus M2N-SLI

Corsair 6400 DDR2 2x1GB

Coolermaster Extreme Power 600W

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Woah - seriously long time pal. Hope you're keeping well ... was wondering where you had got to the other day actually!


If you remove the processor altogether and attempt to boot, you would hope to hear some on-board audible errors; though a lack of this could indicate that the motherboard is bad too ... ugh what a pain. Give it a shot though - gotta be worth a try (try without the GPU in as well).

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Yep it was the mobo.


Not too many AM2 boards around these days, but stuck an Asus M3A78 Pro in it and i'm back in business :)


Silverfox: Yea i kinda abandoned this place a few years ago hehe...nice to see some old names though...hope you're doing well buddy :)


Thanks for the help

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