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Wierd Problem

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My system specs are in my sig. I've had this problem for awhile and just got internet to my new house (way out in the sticks). The operating system is Vista Home Prem. 64 bit.


I turned the computer on and it booted to the windows loading screen, 2-3 scrolls later it shuts off, so I booted into safe mode...with no problems. Poked around and found no issues. After attempting to boot normally for about an hour I got tired of it, formatted the drive and attempted to install vista new. Well, once again as it finishes setup and starts loading vista 2-3 scrolls later the system just shuts down. I pulled ram, same issue. No beeps, no error codes, nothing. My initial thought is a hardware problem but I'm not sure. I no longer have an XP CD so reinstalling XP isnt an issue either. Any ideas?

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