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Anyone Do League Play For Cs:source?

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I'm part of First Strike Force... we do both CAL and TWL, but I'm (fairly) certain we've ditched the CAL team for this year due to some of our best players quitting. Anyway, we're looking to find teams to 5v5 against on a regular basis. We do the 'reg' ladder as well as the 'gg'... we're fairly high ranked in the GG but just blew our CAL team out, so we're just starting TWL reg matches.


If anyone wants to propose a nice little scrim, please post over at www.f-s-f.org (no ads/revenue generated from clicks btw, we're subscription do based team-membership to keep servers alive).


Anyway, if you think you're 1337 and wanna pwn my f4ce in, add me on Xfire or steam... mastarex and mastarex862 respectively.




Happy fragging ;)

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