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8800gts Problems, Monitor Turns Off After Vista Starts???

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Ok here is my problem. I left my computer on all night. I turned it off in the morning. 2 hours later i turned my computer back on and watched it start up. For some reason the monitor turned off right after vista start to load. (Bios/safe mode work fine)


Well after some internet searching, I found that after the monitor goes off, if I unplug the DVI cable from the graphics card and plug it back in, the monitor receives a signal, and i see the desktop, but The max resolution i can go is 1024x768.


So, I reformatted (i wanted to do it neways), and it worked fine until i installed the xfx 8800gts, drivers from the nvidia website, then the same thing happened again. I took out 3 gigs of ram (1 gig left in), unplugged the cd rom, and removed the extra HD I have, So i am at the barebone system.


The possible problem, Monitor somehow broke? (unlikely), the driver is somehow messing up my system, or my graphics card pooped out on me.


I have the 8800gts driver installed right now (i am sure i downloaded the right one, and i used a previous version of the driver), and it says 8800gts in the device manager (but still the max 1024x768 resolution).


I do not have another graphics card to test in the computer. I have googled and found people with this problem, but i see no solutions.


I appreciate any help.

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It was an EDID problem with the monitor being recognized as being non generic PNP. Somehow i messed with the settings, either by unplugging the power to the monitor for 10 min or one of my other small attemps.

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