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Akg K701 Recable Mod

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Afaik, the K702 is almost entirely identical, but, aside from being black, some have 8 bumps on the headband instead of the 7 on the K701


Actually, the K702 comes with a detachable mini-XLR cable that terminates in a 1/8" headphone jack. I assume it was precisely for the reason that mods such as this are much easier for users to do (I believe they revamped their system for maintaining the balance between the L and R cups as well, so that no one needs to go in an tinker with it, but I might be mistaken). In any case, that is the largest difference between the two. There is also some new fabric on the earpads, I think.


As for going balanced, it shouldn't be too hard for you if you wish to switch in the future. You could actually probably use your current case and just change the internal circuitry a bit...if you can put together an M3, you can surely put together a balanced M3 :P.


Now I'll need to recable my D2000s to feel good about myself :P.


On an altogether unrelated note, before I go updating any cables, I think I want to switch out my PPX3 for a Rudistor...or maybe just add a Rudistor to my collection. And I also want to upgrade my marantz CD player. And I want to upgrade my CD collection, which currently has some rather poor quality recordings :(. So much to do!

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nVidia_Freak's own K701 recable thread reminded me that I found these extra photos the other day, showing the earcup disassembled, and the modifications needed to make another hole to allow dual-entry... I'll post up the pictures here, and possibly come back to explain them later.

















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