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Hey P33pz.. Need Some Help


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Aight I am here at my rents for X-mas. turns out they got DSL now... 29.00 a month.. hell I would switch over too.. cheaper then 40 for cable..


N e ways.. they have 2 computers. and I had them set up though the router via. cable.. I was wondering does DSL set up the same way cable does?


Or do I have to do something differnt..?



Question #2 Running outlook..


If they click on a link in their mail.. it opens up a new browser.. but.. nothing comes up.. just a white screen.. IE doesnt freeze.. everything is still running fine.. it just will not open the page..


Anyone know whats up with that?




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In terms of setting up DSL compared to cable, the only thing I've ever seen different was that I had to register the MAC address of the router with the ISP. But this may not be true for all ISPs. Most of the time, they are very similar to cable in setting up.


For yur outlook problem. I've seen similar instances but it would do it straight thru IE as well as Outlook. I never really did solve the problem. Maybe try reinstalling both appz and see what happens next.

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