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Barton 2500xp

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new to the forums here so got a quick question. I have one of these bartons and have read about them being locked or unlocked. I am sorda a noob to o/c so be nice! Like right now running epox mb 8kra2+ with 512 3200 crucial ddr ram and I got the cpu to 2.21 ghz and stable with the mutliplier being 193 * 11.5. I bought my chip back in august of this year so how can I tell if its a locked one or not. Any ideas on how to make this faster?? Btw have a thermal take volcano 11 for the cpu and its sitting at 40c idle and 44-47c full load. :(




Thanks for the help in advance!!



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what kinda thermal compound are you using? those temps are around the max i would allow for a stable oc. anyways, you know you have a locked barton when you cant mess around with the multiplier. obviously youve oc'd it with the fsb; try to mess with the mltiplier and if you cant change it then you know you have a post w39 chip.

also, what are you trying to do with it? oc'n is one thing but are you tryin to see how high you can get stable? if so i would invest in a better hs. good luck :D

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