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K7n2d Bios Settings


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Heya, i posted the other day about overclocking my board and cpu


i have the k7n2d-L and an xp 2600 333mhz fsb and 333ddr ram (768mb)


in my voltage settings in the bios this is what it says, on high performance default


Current CPU clock: 2083mhz

System performance: High performance

CPU FSB Clock 166mhz

cpu interface high performance

fsb/dram ratio : auto

current dram clock : auto

memory timings : high performance

t-(RAS) : 7

t-(RCD) : 3

t-(RP): 3

CAS Latency: 2.5

FSB Spread spectrum disabled

agp spread spectrum disabled

agp 8x enabled

agp fast write enabled

system bios cacheable disabled

video ram cacheable enabled

agp aperture size (mb) 128m




after i loaded high performance defaults the video card i have (radeon 9600 XT) un-installed itself and the software fails to install again under these settings,


i am running the volcano 9 on the auto sensor speed control and have both sticks of ram in the ram heat sinks, so it is a little anoying having this act up on me, but you guys are the experts, any help is greatly appretiated....


also the manual says that to set up 6 channel audio on this board to use the software utility, i installed everything from the cd and there is no software utility, if anyone else has used this board maybe you have some idea, anyways any help is appretiated, thanks




/edit my bios is saying my cpu is running 41-42 degrees C, for some additional information




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