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The Sunbeam Rheobus is one of the best out there, and it has Blue/Red Leds (change at 7V).


You need to read into what you're getting. Some Fan controllers range from 7V-12V and some Start at 0V-12V. The sunbeam Rheobus starts at 0V, but most fans won't even kick in until you reach 7V... the 0-12 thing comes in usefull for controlling other things, like LED lights... and the Sunbeam will handle like 30W versus the Vantec Nexus' 7W. (though I've had like 20W on the vantec and it didn't flinch a bit...)


You could also look at http://www.lamptron.com/plist.php - some of their stuff is pretty nice, high wattage, but I'll bet it's expensive.


I think you'll find that the Tempest isn't actually very loud, even with all the fans running... I didn't think so anyway... heard MUCH louder before... like my acrylic case with 11x 80mm fans :D sounded like an afterburner under my desk...



edit: Hey kingfisher! Long time no see!

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There's always the vantec sunbeam. 3 fans per, so you can get 2 if you want. They are dirt cheap too, and they do cathodes! OOH PRETTY COLORS!

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