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Is This Psu Enough For System + Tec

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I just came across this PSU reading a PSU comparision. The site I was reading from was apparently based in Switzerland, and Levicom, the PSU manufacturer, is based in Germany. I sent them an email asking if it was possible for me to get one of these babies here in the states. They eventually called me up and asked about where I heard about the product and some possible resellers in the US, but they currently don't ship here. They said they might send me a sample product which would be geat. Anyway, here's what made me sooo impressed:


+3,3 V: 28A

+5,0 V: 30A

+12,0 V: 34A that's a total 408watts!!

-5 V: 0,3A

-12 V: 0,8A

+5Vsb: 2,0A

Also make sure to click the link above to the site to SEE the unit. IT'S A MODDERS DREAM!!! And for only $111 USD w/o any shipping.


Now to my question. With that enormous 12v rail would I be able to run a 226 watt pelt along with the rest of my system?

My system:

P4 2.53BGHz

Aopen AX4R Plus

ATI 9700 pro

CD burner


5x case fans

2x hard drives

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Dont forget that your pelt will suck off 226W you'll only be left with 182W :O

That's why it's always a good idea to have a dedicated PSU for a pelt ;)

And btw i personally would rather have short circuit protection,over voltage and inrush when i buy a power supply better safe than sorry :)

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All right, I'm trying to figure out if this will work. 500 watts max combined - 226 = 274 watts left for the rest of the computer; is that enough? On the 12v rail I have 408 watts - 226 = 182 watts for the other 12v components. Now is the 12v a separate circuit, or will it also bring down the other rails? How much? Something tells me that won't be enough.

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Mad Cow


Here is the exact same PSU in three different base colors that you can order here for like $72.00.




Here's two reviews:






I am just waiting for the time i get some extra cash to get one myself. :P

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Yea they mentioned something about an American counterpart, but didn't get into much detail. That's why their site is in mostly german, but they said they were almost ready to finish the translations. I am very anxious to have them send a sample, but would that mean I would have to send it back after a while? When they mean sample, does that mean I get to keep it? I will probably keep the 2 PSU setup, but find at least one better one to power the main computer components.

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you dont need to really look at wattage..


U want Amps..


You need a continious flow of power to keep a pelt running..


I will tell u this much from experance..

you wanna know how to tell if the PSU will power both ur comp and ur pelt?


Hook it up..


if it wont power it.. the PC will not turn on..


Also If you are going to do this.. I would Not! I repete would NOT have it hooked up to the CPU... because if the fan.. or water cooling does not turn on.. the pelt will go from Cold to friggen hot in a bout 2 seconds..


Bye bye CPU.. also It could damaage the pelt..

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So in a few words you better off with a separate PS for the pelt, you'll need the extra wattage(amperage) for the mods and lights anyways

Buy the PS if you want but get a 380-400w with good amp on the 12V for the pelt ;)

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