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Getting Dual Channel Mem

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Ok, so if i buy a dual channel memory set, can i get another stick and make it a three channel set. Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but i'm brand new to this. I wan't to get a new core i7, but don't think i can afford a good set of memory (tri-channel) right now b/c ddr3 is just so darn expensive. Anyways any help would be appreciated. Even help on building an inexpensive core i7 rig would help. All i need is the big stuff: mobo, mem, and graphics.



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Sure you would have another gig but you would lose speed. Triple channel is 50% faster than dual channel just like dual channel is 50% faster than a single stick

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Nope it has to come in a triple channel set


You absolutely sure about that?


Dual Channel sets have always been sold on the premise that the modules have simply been tested together and are therefore guaranteed to work.

In reality you can dump in a single stick of RAM and then buy another (preferably same brand, size and model number) stick later and they will work together just fine.


I can't imagine triple channel working much differently, though I could be wrong of course.


No doubt someone with an i7 system hanging around should be able to confirm this for you. :)

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