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Asus P5ql Pro Overclocking Problems

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so this is my first post. I have screwed around with OC before but havn't really tried to keep it stable or any thing.


I have a Intel e5200 dual core, p5ql pro MB, MSI n9800gt gc, and 2gigx2 ocz ddr2 1066 OCZ2F10664GK.


I have messed with the FSB in BIOS and on asus AI overclocking tool. Every time i do i have tried very small incriments fsb from 200 to 220 x12.5 multiplier. When ever i try to overclock anything the MB gives me an error saying the EPU-4 Engine cannont run in under overclocking mode. I figured at first it just turned off the power saving ability. But i have tried running several programs inc War Online and CPU-Z says my comp is at 2.7mhz but the game lags worse than it did when i had my old intel pent 4.



Also the ram runs at 400x2 so only 800 fsb. I have tried to get it to actually run at the stated 1066fsb but it wont run at that speed. Any help or a point in the right direction would be great.


and i just noticed that i posted this in the wrong section. Delete this if you want mods.

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