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How Big Of A Dragonballz Fan Were You?

Dragonball Z  

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  1. 1. What did you think of Dragonball Z?

    • Yes I watched it cause nothing else was on
    • No the show was boring
    • One of the best anime series of all time
    • I was a fan of GT more than Z
    • I was too old to be watching cartoons back when it aired
    • I never missed one episode cause I absolutely loved it!!!

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Yes, I'm saying Anime was influenced by 'Western' animation, and yes I am right. No I don't care enough to provide sources or investigate further. In post-war Japan TV needed to be filled, and the animation style evolved from Japanese animators trying to copy Disney, Iwwerks, Avery and the like (with their own style of course) on a tight budget and to deadlines - this produced the quirks that distinguish anime from other forms of animation. It's just when you make a sweeping statement like "most kids cartoons today are lazily derived from that style" you can't expect no conversation around the subject - of course 'Western' produced animation is influenced by Anime, in exactly the same way as Japanese Animation was in the 30s and 40s. They took what was popular at the time (The big studios - Disney / Leon Schlesinger / MGM) and used it as a basis for developing their own material. The same is true today, only reversed, with 'Western' animators borrowing from what's in vogue at the moment - Anime.


I'm not trying to insult anyone's intelligence, it's called Slang, and guess what, we're on the internet, so don't get uppity when someone drops some netspeak. I'm sure you know more about the history of Anime than me, who doesn't really watch much, nor care, for it.

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That brings back memories

I prefered Dragon Ball though ^_^

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From watching those posted clips it all seems like its made up of still pictures of a characters mouth moving up side and down, the character standing there jittering at 15 fps or the same old scene recycled over and over again. You never saw crap like that even with cartoons out of the 30s.


Yeah DBZ's animation is trash but i still enjoyed the show when i was younger. Here is good animation.

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It was ok but I thought that they had to large amount of filler episodes. You would go weeks with nothing but filler and one or two episodes of true story

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