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What To Upgrade

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ok, first up, ignore my sig, i havent updated that in a long time


Basically my specs at the moment are: -


Q6600 w/ custom WC setup

Gigabyte N650SLI

2 gig kingston DDR2 800Mhz

Samsung 500gig HDD

Asus 9800gt

Thermaltake toughpower 750w

samsung dvdburner w/ lightscribe

NZXT tempest case


Basically my motherboard and/or RAM have some fatal issues and im willing to bet that it was my idiocy of not having a UPS and lightning struck the house, the computer rebooted itself and since then i have been seeing steady declines in gaming performance and multiple blue screens about memory, i replaced the memory with some very cheap generic style DDR2 ram and i still get the blue screens so im willing to be its my motherboard, especially after reformats, defragments and that. the 9800gt is relatively new, i sold a friend my 8800gt (long story, he was really desperate for something at the time) so i sold him it then went and bought a 9800gt which was cheaper than what i sold my 8800gt for so i wasnt complaining :P


I have $1200 australian and from either of these 2 websites:



or a mixture of both depending on prices

Im looking to upgrade some parts


Obviously my main upgrade will be the motherboard, id like an upgrade, to possibly a p45 or X48 chipset, i can almost scrape in a core i7 mobo, cpu and RAM with my budget but that leaves me with no money left to upgrade any other component IE. graphics card


So basically what i want help with is,

what should i upgrade and what with?

Should i go core i7?


Keeping those 2 questions in my mind, i would like to upgrade atleast the motherboard and RAM



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Well... considering the CPU is set into the mobo, that may have taken a small hit as well.



woops, forgot to mention, i tested the CPU in a mates computer, as far as we can tell, its fine, the RAM was replaced with generic so i have settled on the conclusion the mobo is effed


Oh and i do have a UPS now lol! never guna let that happen again


but to be honest, i think it was time for an upgrade 650i chipset doesnt do wonders for OCing -.-

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