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Moon Pictures


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Did anyone get any good pictures of the moon this week?




Here are two that I took with a crappy Sony Cyber-shot dsc-s90:



That first one turned out great, too bad that was at maximum zoom...


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I wanted to last night, as it was supposedly at perigee, but the sky was one giant cloud here and it didn't want to budge :(


This is my attempt at a 3 exposure merge (hand held, eep) of... the night before last night. Turned out alrightish.





And I have just seen that says it's at 180mm and not 200mm, must have slipped by accident. Dammit. This means I need to do it again at full zoom tonight :)

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I love seeing pictures of the moon. Great pics so far and keep them coming!


I am always sad when seeing pictures of the moon


When I was little, I used to think the grey spots on the moon when seen with the naked eye resembled a pterodactyl


Whenever I look at pictures of the moon, I am depressed that they look nothing like a pterodactyl


Good pictures though!


(In other news, pterodactyl is incredibly hard to spell)

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