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Dvr-ms To Mpeg2 (maybe Mp4[h.264]) Converter

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Last night i was trying to get the windows media centre recorded files (.dvr-ms) on my xbox 360, having no joy with it, they dont play nicely. I think they work via windows media center extender but im not having much joy with that as I have no way of getting a network cable down to my 360.


So anyways i was browsing about the internet and came accross this utility Clickity on the green button.


That program runs off ffmpeg and is a simple interface for it. The interface wouldnt work correctly for me on x64 vista even when i had the ocx file installed. So Last night i decided to write a new interface for it in C#. I'll make the source and executable freely available once get a place to host it.


this program only removes the dvr-ms wrapper from the file so the conversion is fairly fast.


My intention is to have it use handbrake's CLI to convert the dvr-ms to h.264 file, as I havent got handbrake to do a straight converstion to h.264


Is there any interest for this utility?


I'll Zip up the version i put together last night at like 4am :lol: and attach it here.



attached the zipfile, its compiled on a x64 machine but compiled to work on any cpu, I haven't tested it on a x86 machine yet.


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has anyone else tried it? ne opinions?



Graememk - I just stumbled onto this and tried it...worked like a charm. I was able to (fairly) quickly convert a dvr-ms file to mpg and then use Handbrake to turn it into a file for my AppleTV.


A few questions: I'm converting another file - a Soap Opera recorded for my wife and keep seeing these error messages:

"[dvd @ 0080E444]buffer underflow

[dvd @ 0080E444]packet too large, ignoring buffer limits to mux it"


and also:


"error, non monotone timestamps 1495247740 >= 149518710=10769.0kbits/s"


How do I determine what these mean? I'll have to look through the converted file (ughh) but is this something critical?


Very handy tool if these errors don't mean anything bad re: the converted file.


Q: any way to "batch" process files or create a queue?



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Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I'm not sure what that error means, its coming from ffmpeg,


yeah i'll have a look into batch converting, shouldnt be too hard, once i get home, flyin bk tomorrow (hopefully) but with the UK airspace closed im not sure!!


Any other suggestions, while im looking at the program again?

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thank you so much graememk, i have bought and built a media center pc over the last week and have been trying to find something as simple and quick as this to convert into a universal format. This program is just the ticket!

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