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Hitting A Wall Very Early

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I can not get my phenom 9600 over 2.42 GHz

It BSODs at any voltage, it just takes a little longer at around 1.32V

when it runs at 2.42 GHz and 1.325V prime 95 does not cause temps above 49 C.


AMD overdrive also causes BSOD. if I am changing voltages there is no problem, it is when I attempt to change the FSB that it crashes.





8 GB DDR2 800

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Does your MB support AMD's Advanced Clock Calibration? if so turn it on per core about 2-4% doing this ive been able to get a fairly stable(didnt try anything more than a 5 hr stress test before going for 2.7) 2.6 out of mine (Vcore ~1.3v bumped up NB voltage by .06 running 12.5x multiplier and 208 FSB) Im currently working on 2.7GHz anyone have any ideas on how much voltage this chip can take? I read on a neoseeker editorial review that the had it at 1.4v while overclocking and when i run it at 1.328v it never gets over 37 C (max 70 C) so i think it could handle 1.4v but I'm kinda scared to try it Im fairly new to the overclocking scene

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