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How Much Of A Difference Is There?

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Hey guys,


I'm looking for some budget DDR3 memories..

I'm looking at this one:


But it has a timings of 9-9-9-24


I want to know what kind of a performance hit I would see compared to something with 8-8-8-21 like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820231235


Also I would want to know how the FSB relates to the memory number in the case for Core i7.

For example, in DDR2-1066, I can push the FSB to 533 without worrying about the ram.

How does this number convert in the case of DDR3+Core i7? How does DD3- 1600 or 1333 convert to the FSB value?


Also would you recommend going 4GB dual channel or 3GB Tri channel for better performance?


Thanks a lot guys.

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Thanks for the replies guys.


I am thinking Core i7 920 with Gigabyte GA-X58-DS4 or Asus P6T.

Still couldnt decide whether I should go for the much cheaper DS4 or forget about the $100 and go for the best performing Ci7 P6T.. that will also give me a upgrade path to 2x16 SLI...

I'm not really game freak let alone a benchmark freak.. what I want is a very stable overclock... which will help me in multitasking...


I'm sorry I'm not familiar with DDR3 + Ci7 overclocking so what would be a good clock if I want to say OC for about 3.8Ghz? would DDR3 1333 or 1600?



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