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Amd Or Intel?


Amd or Intel?  

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  1. 1. What do you Prefer? Intel or Amd?

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I voted AMD. I like them more, but I'm running Intel because it's superior. (Please don't let this thread turn into that debate :lol:)


Edit: Along with what others are saying, yeah, it's because of business practices, etc... I wouldn't ever decide on one platform over the other on the basis of it's brand name, only it's qualities ;) Although, I will admit to choosing a DFI board over an identically priced, near identical spec Asus (I think) board because it was a DFI...

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I go with the best performance. Nvidia vs AMD is the same deal for me.

:withstupid: I buy whats best for my money as well.


I don't "like" either company more. I'm not very loyal when it comes to brands...

Im not fond of Intels business practices that they have used in the past with dell and all. So I guess I could say I like AMD as a company a bit better but this isnt going to affect my decision on what cpu I buy in any way shape or form, unless there were two equally performing and priced cpu's. In that case I would probably opt for the AMD. (provided the rest of the platform were similarly priced)

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