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P5q3 Or Something Else?

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Hi, I'm looking into getting a new motherboard, cpu, ram combo for various reasons. For starters this Intel DX38Bt just plain sucks for overclocking and the Q6600 I got stuck with has a VID of 1.325. So I posted my motherboard, cpu, and ram on craigslist for $450 (more than I paid for it all) and already have a few offers (hoping that they aren't robots).


So anyways, I'm looking for a motherboard in the sub $150 range. i really just want something that I can overclock the hell out of. I saw an Open Box P5Q3 deluxe on Newegg for about $150. What do you guys think about this motherboard? Is it alright to buy an Open Box board, or should I be afraid of it having problems? Would you recommend any boards over this one that are in this price range?


I plan on getting the E8500 to go with my new board because I really only play games and surf the net. The reason I thought the P5Q3 would be great for me is that I have a 32 bit OS. Now that the i7's are out I can pick up a tri set of DDR3 ram and not go over my ram limitation. I know it won't be great with my E8500, but I certainly won't notice a negative impact by using 3gb's instead of 2gb.


So what do you guys think? Is this a good board or should I look elsewhere. I don't mind using DDR2, and in fact I looked at the P5N and P5Q Deluxe for a while before finding the P5Q3. Any recommendations for me? The cheaper the better, as I hope to save up and get rid of my HD 4850 and pick up a GTX 260 black edition.

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I would not buy that P5Q3 board, though it's an Asus and a good brand, the layout of that board is poor.

I buy open box from newegg if it is available.

It's a risk but the prices are for the most part alot cheaper than retail and if there is some defect with it you would know right away and simply can return it for another board.

If you don't have an I7 yet( i see you have the famed Q6600), stay with DDr2, it's very cheap now and is plenty fast enough to not worry about DDR3 just yet.

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