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2 Comps,2 Isp,can I Bridge The 2 Comps Together And Browse Files?


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Hi guys...


I want to connect two computers together in order to be able to browse folders/files from one computer to the other.


here's my scenario:



Computer A: cablemodem -> router -> computer



Computer B: ADSL -> computer




Computer A is where I want to do the browsing from and have VNC client.

Computer B, VNC server.



So, Computer A has a NIC with it's private IP ( and the router is the gateway (

So I have LAN options in A as static, with the router as gateway and dns server.



Computer B has a public IP, from a different ISP.



How can I get A to "talk" to B?


I was thinking of putting in a second NIC in B, , hook it up to the router, and set up A's router as gateway with a private IP (say




would this work?



made a little sketch if it helps:


current: 110vsz7.jpg


What I think should work:








Thanks guys.

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Yes, adding the second NIC to computer B will allow you 'talk' to that computer from Computer A. Make sure you assign a static IP address to the new NIC that's on the same subnet as Computer A and you can then access the second computer using the static IP address.

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