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I won't argue with you on 400+watts, everybody should have at least that much.

This place has all names and they sleeve most everything PS, fan wires etc. ;)




i would suggest this one 460w at $129


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,Dec 24 2003, 08:49 AM] just get the TT 480W and buy a sleeving kit, it would be cheaper and you would also learn how to sleave :) thats what im gonna do.

Don't get the TT 480W, in my opinion it sucks. I bought one, had it for about a month and it went bad on me. I replaced it with an enermax 460w, which has a way higher 12v rail which is much needed. If you need a good psu go with an antec 480w for like $80 or an enermax 460w for about the same. They have better efficency ratings and much higher 12v rails. They are just great psu's for good prices. Say NO to TT!

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first of all to clear everything up. You don't need a full 450 watts. What ur looking for are larger 12V rails. I no longer have my 2.4C in the shuttle case due to the limited room but when i did i was running the 2.4C at roughly 3.3ghz, a o/ced 9800 pro 256, 1 gig of pc4000, Twin raptors, tornado fan, cd-rw/dvd-rom. That is with a 200W psu. You will never have the real need for 450 Watts but most ppl think that the problem that they have is with the total power and not the 12V rails they use. At one time i even had two more Hd's in the shuttle hanging out and still no problems. So check the 12V rails!!!!


before i got my 550W psu in my full tower i was running a 350 Watt psu with 8 tornado fans, and 8 cold cathodes along with the hardware listed below and it was still fine.


Remember large 12V rails = Good

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