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I doubt any normal aquarium pump will have the flow or the pressure capability needed to adequately move water through your system.

depends, those eheims that everyone used to use were actually aquarium pumps, not pc water cooling pumps.


as long as its around 300gph give or take a little "should" be ok, not sure on the head/pressure.

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is it possible to use the aquarium pump for my water cooling coz its so damn expensive!
Yes but you could get a swiftech pump for $75


:lol: Like $75 is cheap for a pump :P


Aquarium pumps work fine in most cases, the preppy water coolers here might tell you otherwise but I've used plenty of aquarium pumps without problems. But I did have one die on me so you do need to be careful. If you run 24/7 make sure thermal protection is enabled in the BIOS. Eheim is still a top of the line pump, I'd trust it just as much if not more than a swiftech. My main rig does use an MCP 655 because I wanted high flow and low noise but heres one of my rigs with budget silent cooling:


http://ben.333networks.com/waterbuckets.JPG (has a 120mm fan on top)

That fish tank setup keeps my MP 2200 in the 30s and 40s running [email protected] and is silent so I can't complain. $20 pump with $7 home made copper block.


Post up your pump's specs and we'll try and figure out if its a good option.

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