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Finaly Got It!


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ive never understood while people smile when they take a drivers liscense picture..i mean your not going to smile whne a cop pulls you over

well, the police dont look at your lisence unless you have a few sprits in you..then in that case, you'll be smiling. lol Is that dry humour?

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I got mine last January and got hit by a big rig after a week...


1 speeding ticket which was a few weeks ago by some retarded

motorcycle cop who was camping like a little b**** next to some

railroad tracks where the sun was like really bright in the morning...

I couldnt see how fast I was goin or the road even and I thought

I was goin a lot slower than I was, which I wasnt even goin fast

and he pulled me over and started talkin .*...

the speed limit is 35 where I was at but I was goin like 49 (or so

he says) but the speed limit should be 45 cause theres no houses or anything in the area...

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