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Disconnecting Wireless

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My friends and I have a timecapsule that provides us with our internet and routing needs. One of my other housemates has a mac and the other a windows laptop, I also have a windows laptop.


Recently I have been experiencing problems with my wireless connection to our network. The connection is constantly dropped to 'limited or no connectivity' and therefore I cannot use the internet. Windows doesn't re-connect and attempting to repair the connection invariably does not work.


My housemate with the windows computer experienced a similar problem a week ago or so but it seems to have rectified itself for her. My housemate with the macintosh doesn't experience any problems at all.


At the moment the only way for me to use the internet is to use a cable from the timecapsule.


Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening and how I can sort it out? Was wondering if maybe the wireless on my laptop is simply dying?



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I would recommend trying a couple of different things. 1) Upgrade wireless card drivers on the laptop. 2) Upgrade firmware on router if a newer firmware is available. 3) Try another router and see if the problem persists if so then most likely the problem is the wireless on your laptop.

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And how about distance from the TC? maybe it is too far? when I've been using long ago a crappy DLink AP I could barely walk away. I mean to the other room. (I've got thick walls) Or the signal was instantly lost. So I've upgraded it to AirLive 5470AP and it works fine so far.

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