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Camcorder Inquiry


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Having a 19 month old daughter, my wife and I decided to get ourselves a camcorder for Christmas. I do have an old JVC Compact 8, but with todays technology, I'd like to get something that I can record little events or whatnot, and then just plug the camcorder into the computer and transfer the files off of it and have them ready to go. Is this possible? I know in the past you'd need some type of conversion video program to turn the files into avi or mpg files, but do any of the newer camdcorders record into this format and can I just transfer the files from the camcorder and have them already for me to turn into VCD's or whatever?


I'm mostly looking into the hard drive or Flash memory type camcorders. I've read both positive and negative reviews on many brands such as JVC, Panasonic, Sony and Canon. I was wondering what some of you use and how easy it is to transfer these files without needing umpteen programs to do so.



I'll probably purchase one online from either ebay or Newegg, but I'm using a real store for references first. They're always overpriced, but at least I get a hands-on of each item before purchasing.


I'd also like to stay within the $500 range


Flash Memory


Hard Drive





Thanks in advance for any advice or references B:)

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