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Cpu + Motherboard + Ram - Do They Match?

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I'm trying to build a computer and I have some questions about the parts that I picked:


Intel Core 2 E8500

Gigabyte X48 DS5

DDR2 1066 (PC-8500)



1) This cpu runs at 1333FSB, and my board supports up to 1600. To save money should I just downgade to a board whose max bus speed is 1333? (Assuming that I will never upgrade this computer). Are there any advantages to having extra FSB capacity? (overclocking maybe?)


2) This board will be running at an effective FSB of 1333 but a real speed of 333MHz? The memory runs at a bus speed of 355MHz?


3) Assuming #2 assumptions are correct: Why dont they make DDR-1000 so that the speeds match? I read that its best when the motherboard and memory run at the same speed. Would it be better if I just set the FSB of the motherboard to 355MHz to match with the memory?


4) With this setup, if I start increasing the FSB is that even considered overclocking (aside from the cpu) since everything is still running under spec?

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