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New Flag With The New Version


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I posted this at the end of Bosco's thread, but I wanted to make sure that people see it....

There is a new flag -forcesse


when using the -forceasm flags, my systems reverted to using 3dnow....NOT sse

causing my frames to take over twice as long....


Each system will vary, but here is my other post.....


Check the release notes....

there is a new flag.....





the old -forceasm flag was still just running on 3dnow on my machine....

testing results now.....


might want to look at it for your machine



EDIT: using the new -FORCESSE flag vs. the traditional -forceasm flag dropped my time in half!!!


check your flags!

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And here is my post on it form Boscos's thread...Before yours! lol


I think they just updated a command for the SSE boost as it didn't work on the 1 machine I haven't updated yet.

-forceSSE had to be done on the duallie because they would go back to 3dnow on the completion of a WU. From the stanford site.


On machines with an AMD processor, Core_78 gives priority to 3DNow over SSE -- this overrides that

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