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Intel Build

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People are telling me to go with an Intel processor and that it will be a better performance.

This is what i got at the moment.


Q6600 - 295


ASUS P5Q Deluxe - 249


512M 9800GT Asus - 192


Thermaltake M9 - 112


Thermaltake ToughPower - 179


Zalman CNPS 9700LED - 65




But is the MOBO a good one?

Other ideas I've in my mind is:

ASUS P5E-X38 - 215

ASUS P5E3 - 215

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It'd be better if you provided banknote currency as those are just numbers, and I'm not sure if it's pounds, dollars, etc...


However, if you're building this primarily for gaming forgo the Q6600 and get an E8500 or 8600, as far as the HSFs go I'd get an HDT-S1283 (Xigmatek Rifle) and if funds permit, the TR TRUE 120 as both are highly recommended around these parts.

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A currency would help a lot. I would be willing to bet it's not dollars because if it is those numbers seem very high. The build itself doesn't look bad, but there are things I would personally do differently.


Asus boards are fine, but if it were me I'd consider Gigabyte and DFI ahead of Asus. I'd also opt for something other than a Thermaltake PSU. There are generally better deals than Tt out there, but not always. I'd also go for a Thermalright Ultra-120 cooler (or something similar) over the Zalman 9700, but that point is arguable too. It's just personal preference really.

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