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The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

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Just bought two 16GB boxes of Viper Gaming RAM. 4400Mhz. speed.

They're for my Ryzen 3800X build coming up soon.


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Posted (edited)

More expensive adventures with mechanical keyboards.

Drop finally made matt3o /dev/tty custom keycaps available. Added some color to the Klippe T / Instant60 / Holy Panda keyboard.


I built a DIY mechanical numpad with a Discipad kit. It doesn't work yet. I haven't had time to troubleshoot it. I think I just need to flash it or swap the crystal with another one provided in the kit.


The GMMK Pro finally released. I'm currently using NK Creams, since I already had them available. Keycaps are GPBT Rain Forest. Currently waiting on 4 group buy keycaps to arrive. So these will do. Deskmat is Taiyakitty.

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