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The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

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Ergotech 3 over 3 monitor stand.


My 7870 isn't Eyefinity 6, but I'm hoping that with another 7800-series GPU, I can crossfire and use Eyefinity for three monitors while gaming at low details and still be able to use six monitors outside of gaming (with crossfire off).


First time trying a multi-GPU setup, so... yeah.

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My second Qnix QX2710 has arrived. Two day shipping from Korea to Florida with FREE SHIPPING! No dead pixels or cosmetic damage to case. There is a yellow penis smile that shows up on a dark background, which doesn't bother me much since this is just a secondary monitor.


I'm just glad its in the bottom right and not near the middle of the screen. Otherwise I'd notice it a lot more. Doesn't seem to be visible during normal web browsing which is what this monitor will be used for.

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With my first BP MS150 less than two weeks away, my final stock-up order arrived from Performance today. Tire liners, spare tubes, short sleeve jersey, sleeveless jersey and cycling shorts. Two days and 150+ miles on my 2015 Giant Defy 2 and all for a fantastic cause. If anyone wants to donate to help fight MS, please let me know and I'll shoot you the link.

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