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The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

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curiosity got the better of you i see :P


+1, watch with a nice noctua he will want to throw away that H50


then he will get regular w/c and never look back :)

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Well, didn't JUST buy it but I just got my IWI Jericho .40 back from Atlanta Police Department's Property division today after about two years or so. I had written it off so it was nice to recover it. That being said, the idiot previous "owner" (a convicted felon by the property report) failed to properly maintain it and I just spent the past 4 hours cleaning it as best I could. The finish looks like crap now (expected) and I found a few rust spots on it which some 400 grit sandpaper took care of. A refinish, Duracoat or an equivalent, is certainly in order some time down the road. Pretty happy about actually getting it back, even though APD gave me a serious run around and it took me three separate visits. Love when law-abiding, permit-carrying citizens are treated like criminals when they try to recover their own stolen property. Guess they seem to forget I was actually the victim of a crime, not a criminal. I really didn't expect anything else, though. Never been too fond of a majority of police officers myself. Just glad to have gotten it back. $500 late-birthday present!


Nice locker, Raiderfan. Post some pics of that 1911 when you finally get it.

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According to the media you are obviously a bad person for having that much ammunition, that is classified as an "arsenal" you know.








Vooduu that Pioneer looks awesome, what are you driving with it?

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