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The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

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Having a Weissbier Dunkel is sort of retarded... having a dark white beer?
Well Weissbier (White Beer) is pretty much used interchangeably with the term Weizenbier (Wheat Beer), so yeah the literal translation of Weissbier Dunkel (White Beer Dark) doesn't make any sense.


However it is referring to the manner in which it was brewed being that it was brewed with primarily wheat instead of barley and specifically in the dark variants it used darker malts such as vienna or munich. (what Munich Dark Beer uses)






You probably knew that though...

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LG 32" LCD flatscreen

entertainment center

samsung 5.1 1000w home theater


samsung sl105

simmons couch





oh. and my new rig is being shipped!


i7 920, ASUS Rampage GENE, ASUS Tower, GTX260(216)x2, 1TB HDD, 9GB trichannel , Delta PSU

i cant waittt!

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