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Intel Or Amd?

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If you're on a 1200-1300$ budget, you may wanna stick with the LGA775 socket and a Core 2 Quad instead of the Core i7's for now. With the Core i7's you'll be paying a fortune for only the CPU, RAM and Motherboard, so you'll have only very little to spend on other crucial components such as the video card or the power supply (very important!).


I'd look into the following:

Q9550 - 320$ <-- Free FarCry 2 Combo deal

Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS4P - 180$

G.Skill 2x2GB PC2-1066 - 70$

EVGA GTX280 - 420$ - 30$ MIR

Silverstone Decathlon 650W Modular - 140$ - 20$ MIR


= 1130$


Then you got 170$ to get hard drives and an optical drive to your liking ;)

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Cases vary in size from mini tower, mid tower, and full tower. Most people here would recommend a full tower but if you're cramped for space, a mid tower will do you fine. Most cases fit the mATX/ATX standard. Remember to tell us your choice before you buy. For the CPU cooler, everyone here would recommend the Thermalright Ultra eXtreme but if you want to save some cash, you cant go wrong with the Xigmatek S1283.

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The Asus Rampage Formula WILL NOT work with a i7 CPU


you could pick up the new rampage :P


As for case's i'd agree with Damian


Your gonna want to decide where your gonna put it in your house and how big it can be. Then find a case that will fit all your parts nicely(mid tower should be fine unless you plan on cramming alot of things in.) If you go with a full tower case make sure ahead of time that it will fit where you want it.(i didn't and now my computer has to sit on the floor, but idk maybe you want it on the floor just make sure you measure it)


Good Luck

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