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Best Micro Atx Mobo For Gaming

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Hey Guys! I want to upgrade my Mobo on my mid tower. What would be the best Mobo for gaming (micro ATX)?

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I have owned the two mATX boards that are widely considered to be the best performers, the Asus P5E-VM HDMI and the DFI LP Jr. P45-T2RS.


With the P5E-VM it was clearly easier to overclock the CPU. I had a Q9450 at 3.6GHz on that board and an E8200 at 4.0GHz. The P5E only officially supports 800MHz RAM but I had some memory running at 1080MHz on it. The P5E only has a single PCI-E x16 too.


The DFI board has much more detailed BIOS. It was a lot harder to achieve a stable overclock (a Q9450 at 3.6GHz needed 1.36V compared to 1.30V on the P5E) with this board. It is also finicky about memory. But the DFI has dual PCI-E x8 ports for Crossfire. It would also benefit from a more mature BIOS.


If you want all out gaming performance then you need the P45-T2RS. However, I think the P5E's BIOS is a lot easier to work with and its a lot cheaper.

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