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Some More Mrboo Photos


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Possibly getting there. At the very least with picking out the better photo's. And I have found 'Unsharp Mask' can do wonders. Everyone seems to love the fluke of a dog photo. No, I don't actually know who's dog it is. Yes, that is the owner blurred in the background :) I may actually walk back up there with a print out to give to them. Given people think it's good, I am sure the owners may appreciate it. ANYWAY!


treepassageff8.th.jpg abandonedscouthutpo7.th.jpg colourfulwindowreflectiqg5.th.jpg dawgdb4.th.jpg deadsidelittreesrc2.th.jpg gatetreeky2.th.jpg oldhousehz4.th.jpg sepiaoldlookinghouse2ud4.th.jpg suncloudsij5.th.jpg treeandcloudsqg2.th.jpg treedripiv0.th.jpg

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