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Enable Sata Hotswap!

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Hi Guys,


Just got my new board and everything booted perfectly, installed drivers etc.


I have my SATA ports in AHCI mode for the Intel controler, and I can now hotplug a drive IN, however the system freezes for about 2-3 seconds while the disc spins up.

There is then also no option to EJECT the drive.


With my nVidia board, all my HDDs used to show under "safley remove" drives.


The only way to un-plug, is to simply yank the drive, and im sure thats not good?



The bigger problem though, the board also has an eSATA board that is run off a different controller, (Marvel I believe?) but this port dosent support hotswap at all.



If I plug my external drive into it, and have it ON before boot, it shows up fine, (again, I cant "safely remove" it) but If I power it ON after I boot the system, nothing happens!


I have searched all the BIOS options, and cant see anything relating to the eSATA port.


Any help is really appreciated!


Thanks guys!

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The hanging for 2-3 seconds is normal (I believe :unsure:), that happened to me on my last rig as well (board was a DFI P35 T2RL Blood Iron, Intel P35 chipset). I always had the drives show up under safely remove drives though, the only thing that comes to my mind now would be to look into the hardware manager under Control Panel --> System and deactivate the device before unplugging it? Worth a try I guess?

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