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Is Far Cry 2 A Good Game?

Far Cry 2  

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  1. 1. Is Far Cry 2 a good good?

    • No, it's just GTA in the Jungle done poorly
    • No, its nothing like GTA but still sucks
    • Yes, This games amazing and im glad i wasted..err happly spent $ on this
    • I don't care beacuse either i haven't played it or want to.
    • I think you're .... HBC for making this poll!

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I agree with all the driving. It's just ridiculous. They should have implemented some kind of teleport system a la Oblivion.



Far Cry 2 does have that... Take The Bus!!! B:) It gives you a save option there as well

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I thot the game was fun for a couple times, start to finish. Definately not in the same league as the Origional for my money. Most games seem to go for what is already an established success these days. So much corporate crap and so much more Hype. And yeah it seems the ratio of action to driving around is like 50/50. I give it a C+ and nothing more. Never played GTA... too dammed teen for me.

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It was good for the first hour .. then it just felt repetitive. . .get a mission talk 2 your buds see if they appeal to you.. then finish the mission.. all missions seemed too boring as well.



That's how I felt about it. I played through 55 percent or so and couldn't take it anymore. I actually had to sell it on ebay to get it out of my house so I wouldn't play it out of obligation.

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The only reason I go back to it, is for the same reason most of you hate it.


I love the respawning enemies.. I also love blowing stuff up, so respawning explosive items is also nice.


But other than that, there is very little I like about it.


I should probably get around to installing it again. (Reformated)

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