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Best Mid-low Ranged Motherboard

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I'm trying to get one with a decent G43-G45 IGP so I can hold off on getting a new GPU until next pay cycle. Which Will be either a 9600GT, a 4650 or a 4850. So which board do you think is the best for the money without skimping on quality.


Asus P5Q-EM

ASRock G43Twins-FullHD

Intel DP43TF

Intel DG45ID



Never heard of ASRock, and I don't know much about ECS. Do they build quality boards? Also I won't be doing any extreme OC'ing. And is there any real benefit that the Intel P43/45 has over the Intel G43/45 that makes up for the lack of IGP? Thanks.


Any other recommended boards that I am not listing?

PCIe 2.0, DDR800-1066, 4 DIMMs, preferable G43+ IGP.

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