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3DMark Competition

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ok, so heres the 30687 vantage score. Also Mr. The Smith I should be red (quad core/ tri&up video cards) classification, if you haven't changed it yet. I think I have determined my problems, however which is good. I tried to go with a single loop on the water kit, and I think the graphics cards are just inducing too much heat to the loop. So I will be ordering some more water kit stuff it looks like in order to break it into 2 loops. Not sure I can get more untill then, If i clock my cpu up to 4.5ghz to 4.6ghz I can get it stable and run the cpu tests and get 28k cpu scores, and I can run just my graphics tests and get 35k gpu scores, which combined should be around a 32k maybe low 33k score. Problem is once the graphics tests run and get the water all hot the cpu is heated by the gfx cards and the cpu tests only make it about 1/2 way thru then blue screen :( I just need phase for CPU I guess :D

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3d Vantage score is, but 3dm06 I should be between Kitfit and Roadrunner. I bumped my head pretty good earlier today, maybe I'm just not seeing it. :lol:

Oh. I did not see you had both scores in the same screenshot! :lol: Sorry for that, you're up now. :)

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Just got my 5870 in and ran some benchmarks. Pretty good for a single card. All were run with an [email protected] 4.2Ghz and the video cards core/memory @ 900/1300.


3DMark 2001SE 63024



3DMark03 87039



3DMark06 26385



3DMark Vantage P18732



Edited to increase the overclock to 4.2Ghz, core/memory to 900/1300 and make it all official

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