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Going Into Surgery.....


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Well.. I have been babbling about my water system.... it is finally built!


Leak tested for 3 days with the Hydor L30 with no problems, all wiring ready to go....

Going to install now....


Whitewater block

Cut some holes in the case for tubing... cut out fan grills for better air flow.....




If I am not back by the end of the day, send the Coast Guard!!

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Hi Honey I am home.....

All went well...

Running fine.. wanted to get a 120mm fan in the back of my cheiftec case but it just wouldn't fit right...

Details are at

My Webpage


I'll update with more infor in a bit.....


But here is the Tale of the Tape (and it is REALLY QUIET!!!)


Water Rocks (Hope it doesn't leak!)


Here are before and after temps....


the only thing changed was the SLK-800 for the water block... all BIOS settings remained the same...for now!

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Thought I would post a quick update... I decided to take the advice and built a fan shroud.

Of course I am an idiot and forgot to take a picture before installing.. but...


it is a small metal box (flattened out air duct work!) cut the size of my radiator.

Top and bottom are a big longer to fit right over the rad.


Keeps the fan about 1" away from the rad. Airflow is much better, fan is quieter and temps are down about 2-3c


If you do water cooling, build or buy a shroud.. I am sold


Design idea came from This webpage

Scroll down a bit and you will see three shrouds.

Mine is based off of the middle shroud (his example has dual fans, I have one 120mm)


Here is mine installed

Details of project at My water website

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Guest Ballz2TheWallz

you should have a fan on the outside of the bottum of the case blowing on the radiator and another pulling that way you cant get better temps

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I am particularly fond of this project, I love that you bought all the parts yourself, and jerry-rigged some of it. Its proof that a nice watercooling doesn't have to cost a fortune. Kudos. :)


How much was the final bill for all the materials.

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