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Sp3 No Wireless Problem - Ish

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Ok so i was an idiot and updated to SP3, of course like half the computers out there wireless conked out. if you are unfamiliar with the bug. wireless just stops working, your adapter is installed and working, but wireless zero configuration says no networks are available. sometimes a balloon comes up saying networks have been found, you go to view networks... nothing it says no networks found and to check if the switch is on etc.


this is a common problem and ive googled it thoroughly and found no anwsers.. just a lot of ppl with the problem like me, best solution i found was to roll back sp3. did that and it did not help my wireless still did not work.


i am running XP on a new macbook black


anyway i went back to SP3 when rolling back to SP2 and reinstalling drivers did not work, i manually installed some drivers i got from teh broadcom website by searching my computer for all bcm drivers and manually erasing them, then getting newest drivers from broadcom and installed them. it partially worked.... now i can connect to wireless networks that are not secure and if i have the "conenct to non-prefered wireless networks" option selected. but i still can not view networks, and can not get on my unis network because it usease PEAP/MSCHAPV2, now if i go into the windows network properties and try to manualy add a network under the authentication tab and EAP type there is nothing listed, like my computer is not capiable of EAP???


i cant figure out how to connect using PEAP/MSCHA with network magic so im kinda . out of luck



any thoughts?



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