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Bfg Ls-680 Power Supply And Vista Issues.

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I bought a used BFG LS-680 power supply and it works but every time I shut Vista off the whole PC loss all power and cannot be restarted unless I unplug the PSU and wait for 2 minutes then plug it back in and then it power up, this is only happening with Vista and not with XP. When it shuts down it makes a click noise and all the standby LED lights shut off.


It seems to only be a problem in Vista but this is extremely strange as this is the 3rd power supply I have used with this system and I have never had this issue. I have checked for shorts and make sure everything was connected correctly. I will have a different motherboard in a few days but until then I want to try to get this to work.


Thanks for any help.



Below are the PC specs ( starting with the PSU's I have used )


Mushkin 550 / Corsair 620 / BFG 680

Abit IP35-E

Intel E8200

2GB OCZ Platinum

XFX 7600gt

250GB western digital

Lite-On SATA DVD burner

Antec P-180 Case

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