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Q6600 Ocing Help

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I originally posted this in the noobs section, but then realized that this topic was probably the best place to post... So please excuse the double posting. I've revised my initial post slightly anyway...


Big up to all... I'm totally new to this scene, and I just built my first rig. I'm loving messing around with all this stuff. It's something I've always wanted to get into but never had the money during college... These forums are a great way to learn some more about OCing. So let's get down to it... The only thing I've done in the BIOS so far is set my ram timings and voltages to those suggested by the manufacturer. I really want to start off slow from there and OC my CPU up to around 3.0ghz.


I know that it should be pretty easy to get a Q6600 up to 3.0 ghz in theory, especially since I have the G0 stepping processor (which I've read is the good one). I haven't yet messed with the FSB or the voltages. Honestly, I'm a bit worried about changing any voltages. My MOBO (EVGA 780i SLI) doesn't allow me to edit the FSB multiplier, but I can edit the FSB itself. I'm just a bit worried about doing so since I'm admittedly a noob. I don't want to fry my CPU or my PSU.


So this gets us to the crucial question... Where should I start? Should I just up the FSB ever so slightly and run stress tests to start and see what happens. I downloaded CPU-Z and Coretemp and my processor idles around 34c -38c. However, it could just be settling in with the new thermal paste and HSF.


Finally, what I've been able to gather from surfing around the net is that OCing the CPU is really just kind of a trial and error process of incrementally increasing the FSB until you can get your system running stable. Any suggestions on how I should get started?


Full specs are in my sig. Thanks to all in advance.

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Thanks to both for your replies. I found that guide last night after posting and wow... that thing is thorough. I am itching to get home and try some of that stuff out and see how far I can get.


One more question, if anyone could, can you explain the difference between 1T and 2T in the RAM settings? I read on the NVIDIA website that 1T is faster, but less stable. Then I read some forums that say there isn't really a difference. My issue is that my manufacturers RAM specs don't say whether I should set the sticks to 1T or 2T. The MOBO defaults them to 2T. If anyone has the same RAM, let me know how you've set it up.

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