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Almost Done......


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I know this has taken forever but I have almost no time. I am buried in damage control.....thanks Bush.


Anyway I have managed to make progress.


Here's where I'm at now.






I have pics of the entire process......over the next few days I'll update this post with a work log to show how I got here B:) ........or if the entire financial system melts down over the next day or so I'll just run off a cliff head first :glare:

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Ok picking up where I left off all those months ago........


In addition to the slot I cut into the panel for the drive tray I made two more cuts for the optical drive led and the tray open close button.





I drilled a 3/8ths inch hole for the optical drive tray button....unfortunately the only bar stock I had laying around was also 3/8ths and wouldn't work in this case. The button needs to be larger than the hole and cut down to fit leaving a stop on the back side so it doesn't fall out the front. I ended up having to cut a square peg to fit a round hole.








A quick fit test......






Next I cut the drive tray door cover.....I used the mill to make clean accurate cuts since any uneveness in the cut would be obvious.




It's hard to see because of the glare but that's a .006 inch feeler guage that just barely squeezes into the gap...so once centered I'll have .003 inch clearance around the edges of the door.





Next I made a acrylic mount for the optical drive.






I think the front panel turned out pretty good......it's all scratched up right now but that will all be cleaned up in the end.








More in a bit B:)

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