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My First System Build - The Story


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Well, in this short story I'm going to go through the process of making my first build. (FYI I'm 13, spent about $1600 in total, etc..)


Well, first I spent months looking at parts.


I then got the money


I then waited 2 weeks for the money to be in my bank


I then waited another week for half of the money to get into my paypal.


I ordered some stuff, and looked at more..


I then waiting another week for the rest of the parts to get into my Paypal.


I got the money, bought the entire system.


3 days later, 1st attempt building.


Doesn't work, goes online, looks for help.


Still not working, I have an idea it's the motherboard.


1 week later, get into contact with an IT Technician. He helps me test each part.


We come to the conclusion it's the motherboard. We didn't test the CPU because we ran out of time and it was to much of a hastle for him to take it out.


1 Week after that, I send out the motherboard.


I get the mother board back 1 1/2 weeks later. System still does not work.


We decided it has to have been the CPU, I send it back 1 week later.


I go to camp for 3 weeks.


I come back, I need to order a CPU.




1 Week later, I got the new CPU.


I test the computer, I still can't get it working.


I go online for help.


I've advised to do a hard install, works fine..


I decided it was a short.


Figured out which screw was shorting the system.


I install it.


It works!


Installs Windows XP.


Doesn't work with the Internet. (Drivers were installed)


Installs Windows Vista.






So that was my journey in building this. I've been working on it since somewhere in March.. Very stressful.


My builds in my sig.



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That sounds too stressful for me.Though the story was fun to read.


I just did my first build too,not as stressful as yours.Well done for sticking with it and getting it done.



Well it's just that I couldn't give up..



$1600 is a LOT of money.


All in all, I think it was a fun experience and I gained a lot from it.


I thought I knew something about computers before I started building this..


You don't know anything until you make your first build.

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