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Acer Moniter X223w Shaky


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(Before I say anything, this isn't the picture, this is the monitor itself.)


Hi, I have an Acer X223W and it's pretty shaky when I type and stuff. The stand doesn't seem very sturdy, but it support the monitor fine..


I have a g15 keyboard and some crappy desk. It's just that when I type or am gaming, it makes the monitor shake and it's a little pet peeve I have.


Any ideas for some quick and easy (preferably free) diy ideas?


I think I'd need something to support the monitor sides.




So I took a bunch of poker chips and stacked them under each side. If I shake my leg the monitor still moves, just not that much. (Still bothers me..)


It's a good temporary fix, but it's looking like it's the floor now.

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