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Dk P35, Dk X38 Issues With Q9400

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I posted this on the dfi forum and I have submitted a support request to an engineer but I wanted to see if any here has experienced these issues. I got my hands on a cheap Q9400 and decided to try it before buying my Q9550. I put the Q9400 cpu in. When I booted the system, the post info on showed a cpu speed and the number of cpu's. It didn't says intel Q9400 like it did with the Q6600. That wasn't a problem until I booted into windows. In windows, every program I used that queried the cpu info from the bios read the cpu incorrectly. 3DMark06 and 3DMark Vantage both report the cpu as a Pentium 3 with 1 physical cpu and 4 logicals. Everest gives incorrect info as well. I know the cpu is fine because I put it into a dfi dk x38 motherboard and it properly identified the cpu in the post and the programs I mentioned detected it also. Does anyone here have a Q94009not Q9450) running in a dk p35 mobo? If so, are you having these issues as well? I decided to put the cpu into a dk x38 and low and behold I can't get the fsb past 413 without it locking up. I put the Q6600 back inthe x38 and I can go up to 450 fsb with no probs. I was wondering if any here has the Q9400 working properly and which mobo you have? I pulled the trigger and ordered a rampage formula rog mobo that should be here next tuesday.

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